This collection of songs is dedicated to the wonderful people I met in Dedham and elsewhere, who taught me how to love life and myself. My journey would not have come this far but for my wife and best friend, Virginia Costa Sullivan. She is the love of my life and finding her has made all the difference. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A Few Words for a Big Talent Here are the songs that contribute to the great tradition of American popular music. Several of them were written during the Depression when happy songs gave relief in hard times. Drew Sullivan brings out the joy in these songs. Though they have been recorded by some of the biggest names in pop and jazz, Drew makes you want to hear them again. Lesser artists would present different or “ innovative” arrangement of these familiar tunes merely for the sake of difference. – usually with dismal results. These songs are classics for good reason, and Drew lets you hear why. He takes these songs head on, brings them to life, and makes the old tunes sound vigorous and fresh. Hearing them performed as Drew sings them, you can’t help but feel a little better and smile a little bigger. The musicians on this recording session perfectly match Drew’s vocals, his exuberant baritone. The accompaniment is supple, imaginative, and always tasteful. Drew Sullivan loves music; he loves jazz. You can hear the strength of that feeling in every note he sings. He’s hooked. You might even say, “He’s got it bad” – but for the listener, that’s surely good! Joe Auciello